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Skiing & Snowshoeing in the Big Hickory

Snowshoeing at Hickory Meadows.

In New Orleans they have the “Big Easy.” In Traverse City they have “the Big Hickory.” In the middle of subdivisions and commercial development, are a pair Hickories; Hickory Meadows and Hickory Hills Ski Area, two adjoining parks where the worse vice in the winter is leaving work early to spend a sunny afternoon on groomed tracks. Click Here.

Mio Isn’t Vail But it’s Good Skiing

Groomed trails and heavy snow in Mio.

This winter MichiganTrailMaps.com is focusing on one of the most exotic places in Michigan for cross-country skiing; Mio. Mio!!! you say. You bet and click here to find out why Mio isn’t Vail or Aspen or Stokeley Creek but it’s pretty good skiing (and a lot cheaper!): Click Here.


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